Self-Performing and Expertly Executed Craftsmanship

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Construction should be about solving problems.

There's no easy way to say it - construction projects are complicated. New problems arise on the job site every day. It's inevitable; there's never enough time or budget to accurately reflect every intention or detail in a set of plans, or to develop an estimate that covers every contingency.

Especially in today's market, a good contractor has to have effective communication skills, respect for the positions of everyone involved in the job and determination to resolve issues in a way that completes the project as quickly as possible. In short, they have to be problem solvers.

But it's more than just an attitude towards project management. We also believe very strongly that self-performance makes for projects that run smoothly and finish quickly. This is our top priority, because we all know that no one makes money on a project until it is completed.

TBI Contracting is one of Pittsburgh's few self-performing general contractors. We complete successful construction projects using efficient problem solving, teamwork and technical skill. Our teams are experienced and well-prepared for any project, no matter the size or application. And we take a particular pride in offering exemplary craftsmanship in the masonry, concrete, carpentry and finishing trades.

It would be our pleasure to build with you.